Total Commander v8.0 BETA 8 Multilenguaje (Español), Mejora el Acceso a Ficheros y Olvidate del Explorador de Windows


Total Commander v8.0 BETA 8 Multilenguaje
Spanish Incl. | 7.1 MB | Incl. Medicina | 32 Bits & 64 Bits


Si alguna vez has pensado que el Explorador de Windows no es la forma más óptima y rápida para trabajar con carpetas y ficheros, si crees que es un sistema lento, tienes que usar Total Commander. Total Commander mejora notablemente el Explorador de Windows, ‘duplicando’ su utilidad gracias a sus dos ventanas en paralelo para realizar operaciones con ficheros. Una apariencia y disposición que recuerda al famoso “Comandante Norton” de DOS. Además del doble panel, sus principales características son un cliente de FTP integrado en el programa, un compresor y descompresor integrado (compatible con ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, LHA, TAR…) y un útil renombrador de archivos.


04.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 8 (32/64)

  • 04.11.11 Fixed: Calculate height of Shift+F6 rename box only from font height and difference between combobox height and edit box (within combobox) height (32/64)
  • 04.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: When comparing two solid RAR archives or two plugin archives with each other, unpack the right archive, calculate SHA1 checksums, then unpack the left -> much faster (32/64)
  • 04.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Also support “by content” with packer plugins, if the plugins supports the PK_CAPS_SEARCHTEXT capability (e.g. 7zip) (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Show “access denied” error if file is locked by another process (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by contents function: make it faster by optimizing time-critical loop, turning on free pascal optimizations (64)
  • 03.11.11 Added: (experimental): InactiveFocus=1: Use a different pattern and brightness from the normal focus rectangle to distinguish it easily (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Footer not updated when selecting the last item (or the first in the root) in a file list with Shift+Cursor up/down (64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Paste from clipboard not working with Unicode files (64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Triple click to select entire line didn’t work (required 4 clicks) (64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: File system plugins: No icons shown in thumbs view when delay-loading them (plugin returns FS_ICON_DELAYED) (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Make status lines right-aligned in search and compare by content (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Mini-numbers in column headers (shown when sorting by additional columns) were shown as black squares (64)
  • 03.11.11 Added: (experimental): wincmd.ini [Configuration] InactiveFocus=1: show focus in inactive panel (or InactiveFocus=RGB value for setting the color manually) (32/64)
  • 02.11.11 Added: Lister: F3 can now also open directories (only in the normal file system), just like Ctrl+Q (32/64)
  • 02.11.11 Fixed: Lister wasn’t resized to the width/height of the video or music window (64)
  • 02.11.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: New option “[E]“: If unchecked, the search string will be replaced only within the name part, and not the extension (32/64)
  • 02.11.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: New option “1x”: When checked, only the first occurrence of the search string will be replaced (32/64)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Make VistaDelete=1 the default ONLY if the user hasn’t disabled delete confirmation dialogs in Recycle bin properties (32/64)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Dialog box: Associate – Edit type: Icon looked ugly -> use TPaintBox and draw it ourselves (64)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Dialog box: Associate – Edit type: Icon had white background (32)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Lister without plugins: F3 on icon file didn’t always load the right size, e.g. 16×16 instead of 32×32 (32)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Search dialog: When maximizing, the “Search in” path could change to one in the history (32)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Korean quick search not working correctly with more than 2 characters (64)
  • 30.10.11 Fixed: Mouse scroll wheel not working correctly in Ctrl+Q quick view (64)
  • 30.10.11 Fixed: Lister: Removing the scrollbars by maximizing the window didn’t scroll the bitmap to top-left (64)
  • 30.10.11 Fixed: UseTrash=0: Shift+Del not working with VistaDelete=1 (32/64)



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