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Total Commander v7.57 RC1 Multilenguaje (Español), Mejora el Acceso a Ficheros y Olvidate del Explorador de Windows


Total Commander v7.57 RC1 Multilenguaje
Spanish Incl. | 3.20 MB | Incl. Medicina |


Si alguna vez has pensado que el Explorador de Windows no es la forma más óptima y rápida para trabajar con carpetas y ficheros, si crees que es un sistema lento, tienes que usar Total Commander. Total Commander mejora notablemente el Explorador de Windows, ‘duplicando’ su utilidad gracias a sus dos ventanas en paralelo para realizar operaciones con ficheros. Una apariencia y disposición que recuerda al famoso “Comandante Norton” de DOS. Además del doble panel, sus principales características son un cliente de FTP integrado en el programa, un compresor y descompresor integrado (compatible con ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, LHA, TAR…) y un útil renombrador de archivos.


08.02.12 Release Total Commander 7.57 release candidate 1
  • 08.02.12 Fixed: (new fix without try..catch block) Catch floating point exception in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
  • 08.02.12 Added: Delete empty lines at the end of a tooltip (32/64)
  • 08.02.12 Fixed: Small error in word wrap function used in tooltips causing word wraps at unwanted locations (32/64)
  • 07.02.12 Fixed: Memory leak when searching with regular expressions (32/64)
  • 05.02.12 Fixed: Do not follow links when searching, copying etc. if the target cannot be determined due to missing user rights (32/64)
  • 05.02.12 Fixed: Could not unpack from header-encrypted RAR when using wildcards (32/64)
  • 01.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable button for list of saved settings (and F2) while a comparison is in progress (32/64)
  • 01.02.12 Fixed: Main menu: Increased distance between command and hotkey a bit when there are no separators (32/64)
  • 29.01.12 Fixed: TC would sometimes change to drive C: when removing a device of type PORT, not only in case of a harddisk (32/64)
  • 26.01.12 Fixed: FTP connection details: Also keep surrounding single quotes around remote directory if user enters them (32/64)
  • 25.01.12 Fixed: Right to left text in file names not shown correctly in print preview (32/64)
  • 24.01.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not show warning “Files modified” twice if the file was modified again while the dialog was shown (32/64)
  • 20.01.12 Fixed: When copying in background, show user account control (UAC) dialog on the main form, otherwise we just get a blinking icon in the taskbar (32/64)
  • 19.01.12 Fixed: When copying comments with files, the descript.ion file could get additional blank lines (already in TC 7.56) (32/64)
  • 17.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection (due to junctions) not working when searching for e.g. xyz (but worked for e.g. *.xyz) (32/64)
  • 13.01.12 Fixed: Get symbolic link target: Support also links of type IO_REPARSE_TAG_SYMLINK, not only IO_REPARSE_TAG_MOUNT_POINT (32/64)
  • 12.01.12 Fixed: Directory lists with more than 65535 items could not be scrolled by dragging the scrollbar (32/64)
  • 11.01.12 Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q) in temporary panel: Only reload preview if the link target actually changed (32/64)
  • 10.01.12 Fixed: Create dir in ZIP: Cursor wasn’t placed on directory when creating dir in right panel (32/64)
  • 05.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection was not working (it worked in other functions like “calculate occupied space”) (32/64)
  • 18.12.11 Fixed: Dir tabs: Tab tooltip (hint window) could be shown for hidden tabs outside of the TC main window (32/64)
  • 16.12.11 Fixed: Background button was shown for some packer plugins even if they didn’t support background unpacking, as long as the plugin was never used for packing (32/64)
  • 15.12.11 Fixed: F5-F2 copy in background: Show the warning dialog when appending a file to another as child of the main form so it’s not hidden behind it (32/64)
  • 14.12.11 Fixed: Hide inplace rename box when scrolling vertically in the file panel surrounding it (32/64)
  • 09.12.11 Fixed: Show warning about non-empty folders also when deleting to recycle bin with VistaDelete=1 (this shows all warnings BEFORE actually deleting anything) (32/64)
  • 06.12.11 Fixed: FTP upload: TC could try to resume upload although the user chose “overwrite”, if the connection was lost before the upload started (32/64)
  • 01.12.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Show group boxes right-aligned too, e.g. in main configuration dialog (32)
  • 01.12.11 Fixed: Could no longer pass parameters to external unpacker by giving them after the target path, e.g. c:\target -kb or “c:\target -path” -kb (32/64)
  • 30.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Some controls were misaligned in the search dialog (32/64)
  • 16.11.11 Fixed: Totalcmd crashing on ReactOS (reason: problems with ANSI calls to Unicode combobox) (32)
  • 13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: End key in large images (>1000 pixels high) didn’t jump to the very bottom (32/64)
  • 13.11.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Comments of folders were not deleted with the folders (when option to copy comments with files was set) (32/64)
  • 10.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Selecting text by double click not working correctly in Unicode file without BOM (32/64)
  • 10.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Turning off secure input mode now also allows to input passwords via IME (e.g. Korean) – this is not supported in secure mode (32/64)
  • 09.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Clear the typed character before calling CallNextHookEx (older versions didn’t call CallNextHookEx, but Windows did, so other programs could see the keys too) (32/64)
  • 08.11.11 Fixed: Don’t use VistaDelete method if file cannot be found, e.g. because it’s in a directory belonging to a different user (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Show “access denied” error if file is locked by another process (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: File system plugins: No icons shown in thumbs view when delay-loading them (plugin returns FS_ICON_DELAYED) (32/64)
  • 03.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Make status lines right-aligned in search and compare by content (32/64)
  • 01.11.11 Fixed: Search dialog: When maximizing, the “Search in” path could change to one in the history (32)
  • 30.10.11 Fixed: UseTrash=0: Shift+Del not working with VistaDelete=1 (32/64)
  • 26.10.11 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack, external packer (e.g. WinRAR) -> hotkey for background button didn’t work (32)
  • 26.10.11 Fixed: FTP reconnect with encoding set to “auto-detect”: Initially, user name and password were sent with local encoding (ANSI). On reconnect, the detected encoding was used by mistake (e.g. UTF-8) (32/64)
  • 25.10.11 Fixed: Configuration: User-defined hotkeys not saved if main ini read-only, hotkey section redirected and user didn’t press the “checkmark” button (32/64)
  • 25.10.11 Fixed: Recent printer name fix (18.10.11) caused crashes and missing font errors, mainly on XP (32)
  • 23.10.11 Fixed: Quick search in synchronize dirs: Allow quick search window to overlap task bar, also fixes problems with multiple monitors (32/64)
  • 18.10.11 Fixed: Wrong printer name (with port) passed to plugins when changing printer default within lister and then choosing “print” (32 only)
  • 12.10.11 Fixed: Crash when deleting to recycle bin on Windows 8 preview (32/untested:64)
  • 14.10.11 Fixed: Button “Background” not working in dialog shown with Alt+F5 pack -> RAR -> OK (32)
  • 11.10.11 Fixed: Content plugins: Only try to load once if a plugin doesn’t export all the required functions, set all functions to NULL to avoid crash (32/64)
  • 07.10.11 Fixed: When using branch view of selected files/folders and “watch directory changes”, do not show files IN THE BASE DIRECTORY which do not belong to the selection when they show up later (32/64)
  • 05.10.11 Fixed: Shift+Click on a selected file in the file lists could select the wrong range if the user clicked before on an already selected file (32/64)
  • 02.10.11 Fixed: A press on F5 in the pack dialog with only name with quotes (e.g. zip:”pack files.zip”) selected also the starting quote (32/64)
  • 29.09.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not refresh main window when saving file in compare tool and the main window is disabled (e.g. when starting compare from overwrite dialog) (32/64)
  • 29.09.11 Fixed: Open “compare by content” dialog from “synchronize dirs” -> drives were shown in lowercase even when DrivesShowUpcase=1 was set (32/64)
  • 29.09.11 Fixed: Button bar with only one button, right click on button: Menu items “Edit linked button bar…” and “cd path” were disabled while only “delete” should be disabled (32/64)
  • 29.09.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Screen update very slow with flickering while comparing by content also in 32-bit version (32)
  • 27.09.11 Fixed: Showing size in bytes was incorrect for sizes >=1 Terabyte (decimal) (32/64)
  • 26.09.11 Fixed: Could not define external viewer for Alt+F3 if the path contained both an environment variable and a space (32/64)
  • 26.09.11 Fixed: Create CRC checksums: Could not abort operation in background (32/64)
  • 21.09.11 Fixed: Background transfer manager: The speed limit wasn’t loaded when the dialog was created (32/64)
  • 19.09.11 Fixed: Double click/press ENTER on file with internal association in an archive would open the file twice, both with the internal and the system association (32/64)
  • 19.09.11 Fixed: FTPS: load libeay32.dll first, because it’s used by the other OpenSSL dll -> makes sure the right dll is used (32/64)
  • 18.09.11 Fixed: Lister: Scrollbars not working when viewing image files (32)
  • 07.09.11 Fixed: Clear 64-bit plugin section in wincmd.ini when installing a new plugin, to force refresh of the list of plugins supporting 64-bit (32/64)
  • 02.09.11 Fixed: Display of file/drive sizes: Show terabyte separator when showing size in bytes (32/64)
  • 02.09.11 Fixed: Pack with Alt+F5, some names containing Unicode characters -> warning dialog was modal to main window, not to progress dialog (32/64)
  • 26.08.11 Fixed: Show error about unsupported method when trying to unzip archive encrypted with pkware strong encryption method, which is patented (32/64)
  • 10.08.11 Fixed: Catch floating point exception in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
  • 05.08.11 Fixed: Edit file from archive: Make sure that TC doesn’t jump back to the foreground when the “wait” dialog opens (32/64)
  • 26.07.11 Fixed: After Ctrl+Drag selection, Shift+Click Selection started with the wrong file (32/64)
  • 19.07.11 Fixed: Crash when unpacking from archive to protected dir if the selection was lost while the user account control dialog was shown (32/64)
  • 17.07.11 Fixed: Drag&Drop to a tab with a ZIP file not working when that tab was locked with the zip file as the locked directory (32/64)
  • 17.07.11 Fixed: Selecting a word in “compare by content” by double clicking not working correctly with UTF-8 non-English (e.g. Russian) (32/64)
  • 29.06.11 Fixed: Make sure the file list isn’t reloaded while inplace rename is asking user for new name due to rename error (32/64)
  • 29.06.11 Fixed: Crash when connecting to FTPS due to bad/outdated openssl dlls (32/64)
  • 28.06.11 Fixed: Crash on sending WM_USER+51 with wParam=1003 (cm_Properties) to TC while it does NOT have the focus (32/64)
  • 28.06.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Crash when closing compare window during “Recompare from here” (or choosing “Recompare from here” again) (32/64)
  • 19.06.11 Fixed: Packer plugins: Selection not removed after packing, but only if plugin supports background operations like 7zip (32/64)
  • 19.06.11 Fixed: ZIP/TAR packer: do not follow infinite loops caused by NTFS junctions (32/64)
  • 19.06.11 Fixed: Branch view (Ctrl+B): do not follow infinite loops caused by NTFS junctions (32/64)
  • 19.06.11 Fixed: Copy function: Could not detect infinite loops caused by NTFS junctions if the junction contained a short 8.3 name (e.g. DIRECT~1) (32/64)
  • 19.06.11 Fixed: On PC with slow virus scanner, trying to load settings in search twice (by double clicking twice on two entries) could cause a crash (32/64)
  • 17.06.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP: Compare two files by content, edit file on FTP side, re-upload -> list was not refreshed if file in subdir because of slash/backslash mismatch (32/64)
  • 17.06.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP: make sure that all backslashes are replaced by slashes in CWD command (32/64)
  • 17.06.11 Fixed: Don’t show error “Insert Disk 0″ for some ZIP files with zip64 central header (32/64)
  • 15.06.11 Fixed: Main window was re-enabled by mistake after using quick search in synchronize dirs (32/64)
  • 15.06.11 Fixed: Search for text on FTP server: Aborting download didn’t abort search, but the download of all other files was immediately cancelled (32/64)
  • 14.06.11 Fixed: Use WNetGetUser to verify whether a network connection already exists or not – if it does, do not call WNetAddConnection3 again to avoid problems with Windows server 2008 (32/64)
  • 14.06.11 Fixed: Quick search with AltGr: First character typed after releasing AltGr may be ignored (32/64)
  • 14.06.11 Fixed: Wrong sort order after unpacking from plugin when option “add new files at end” was checked, the files were overwritten (reason: the list of changes was not cleared when re-reading the dir) (32/64)
  • 12.06.11 Fixed: ZIP packer: Add archive attribute only to files, not to folders, just as when copying (32/64)
  • 07.06.11 Fixed: Copy in background with F5-F2: Prevent user from closing current tab (e.g. with Ctrl+W) until the background transfer has all the files (32/64)
  • 07.06.11 Fixed: Multi-part unrar: Progress bar could sometimes jump to 100% (when unrar.dll calls ProgressProc with Size=0) (32/64)
  • 07.06.11 Fixed: FTP over HTTP: Only file sizes up to 2 GB supported when the server reported the size in kBytes or MBytes (32/64)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: File system plugin interface: high dword of size field was not supported for folders
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: Alt+F1/F2 drive list: Handle case where Windows returns “(D:) label” for removable drives: remove the (D:) part (32/64)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: cm_switchlongnames not working on Windows 9x/ME (32)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: FTP download from list hangs with invalid URL twice in list, e.g. “http //ghisler.com” -> make auto-reconnect abortable (32/64)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: Recognize chrome extensions (.crx) as zip, they start with special header beginning with ‘Cr24′ (32/64)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: Move in background (F6-F2) moved everything in subdirs even when using “Only files of this type” option was set (32/64)
  • 05.06.11 Fixed: Unpack from plugins: Directory attributes were not unpacked (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Lister: Look for encoding=”other than utf-8″ and turn not on UTF-8 when found (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Lister: Make sure that file contains no invalid sequences when UTF-8 is contained in the first 256 bytes of the file, otherwise detect it as normal text (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Inplace rename (Shift+F6): Ctrl+Backspace was inserting strange characters in text field (same problem as in notepad.exe) -> just ignore the hotkey (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: When using VistaDelete=1 for deleting, the cursor placement was wrong when files like index.htm were deleted, because windows deleted also folder index_files (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Right click on list background, New -> Shortcut (.lnk) not working (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Windows 7: Don’t show pause button in task bar when program was launched as admin, it doesn’t work due to a bug in Windows (32/64)
  • 03.06.11 Fixed: Button bar: Launching program in “c:\Program files” with parameter %S would launch c:\Program.exe instead (if that exists) (32/64)
  • 02.06.11 Fixed: UUE decode: Support name encoding us-ascii, e.g. begin 644 =?us-ascii?Q?photo=207=2Ejpg?= (32/64)
  • 02.06.11 Fixed: FTP: Could not abort the copying of a directory to its own subdirectory (32/64)
  • 01.06.11 Fixed: When a crash occurs during a file operation and the user chooses to continue anyway, he cannot close the progress dialog -> remove it (32, 64)





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