The Prodigy Discography (1990-2009)

Genre: Electronic, Punk
Year of release: 1990-2009
Format: MP3
Bitrate audio: 128-320 Kbps


1990 Demo Tape
1991 Unrealesed Demo Tape
1992 Experience
1994 Music For The Jilted Generation
1994 Music For The Jilted Generation (Japanese Release) (3 Bonus CD) (2CD)
1997 The Fat Of The Land
2001 Experience, Expanded (Remixes & B-Sides) (2CD)
2001 Experience, Expanded (Remixes & B-Sides) (Japanese Release) (2CD)
2004 The Fat Of The Land (Japanese Release)
2004 Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (Promo)
2005 Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (Korean Release) (2CD)
2005 Their Law The Singles 1990-2005 (Special Edition)
2008 Experience, Expanded (Remixes and B-Sides) (Remastered)
2008 More Music For The Jilted Generation (Remastered)
2009 Invaders Must Die (Promo CD)
2009 Invaders Must Die (Limited Deluxe Edition) (German Release)
2009 Invaders Must Die (Special Edition) (2CD)

Compilations, Bootlegs

1994 The Fat Of Karen (Live In Sweden)
1996 The Singles (Promo)
1996 Music For The Voodoo Crew (Live)
1996 Techno Punks (Live)
1996 The Extasy Of Violence (Live in The Netherlands)
1997 The Rest, The Unreleased THE LAST
1997 Breathtakin Fire
1997 Brighton 97 (Live in Brighton)
1997 Hiperpower (Live in Chelmsford)
1997 Singles Collection
1997 Chemistry (Live in London)
1997 Dangerous Liasons (Live)
1997 Serial Thrillas Live 97 (Live)
1997 Smash Miami Up (Live in Boston)
1997 Voodoo Breakbeats. Ultimate Live Compilation
1997 Digital Voodoo (Live in Boston USA 02.06.97)
1997 Too Much Arson About (American Tour 1997) (Live in Boston)
1998 Live Under The Mountain (Live in Tokyo)
1998 Our Law (Live)
1998 The Mud Of The Land (Live)
2000 Ultra Rare Trax (Live)
2006 Another Dimension (Live)
2001 The Singles + Extra bonus tracks
2004 History Promotion CD (Japanese Release)


1991 What Evil Lurks (XLT-17)
1991 Charly (XLS 21 CD)
1992 Charly, Everybody In The Place (Elektra 66411-2)
1992 Everybody In The Place (INT 825.932)
1992 Everybody in the Place (XLT-26) VinylRip
1992 Fire, Jericho (TORSO CD 227)
1992 Out Of Space (TORSOCD 233)
1992 Out Of Space (ELEKTRA 2-66346)
1993 One Love (INT 827.909)
1993 Wind It Up (Rewound) (Elektra 66319-2)
1994 No Good (Start The Dance) (XLS 51CD)
1994 No Good (Start The Dance) (Australian Edition)
1994 One Love (AVDD-2005
1994 Voodoo People (XLS 54CD)
1995 Poison ( XLS 58CD)
1995 Voodoo People (MUTE 7007-2)
1995 Voodoo People (US Vinyl 12 Mute 7007-1)
1996 Breathe (INT 827.92
1996 Breathe (XLT-80) (Vinyl Rip)
1996 Firestarter (AVCD-30033)
1996 Minefields (XLC 76)
1997 Funky Shit (DE 428
1997 Serial Thriller (SAMP 933)
1997 Smack My Bitch Up (XLR 90 CD)
1997 Smack My Bitch Up (Promo CDM)
1997 Smack My Bitch Up (Test Pressing) (Promo)
1997 Fats All Folks (Interview)
1999 Mindfields (Promo CDR)
2002 Babys Got A Temper (XLS 145 CD)
2003 Babys Got A Temper (FreeSpirit Ent. Pvt. Ltd., D 73087) (CD, Maxi, Enh)
2004 Girls (XLT 195)
2004 Girls, Memphis Bells (XLS 193 CDP)
2004 Girls (Mexican Promo)
2004 Girls (XL, Promo)
2004 Hotride (PRO-CDR-101411)
2004 Hotride (XLS202CD)
2004 Hotride (Playground Music Scandinavia) [CDr, Promo]
2004 What Evil Lurks (XLXV1501DL)
2005 Memphis Bells (Internet single)
2005 Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) (Belgium Release)
2005 Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) (Skandinavian Release)
2005 Spitfire (XLS213CDE)
2005 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix Edit), Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix Edit)
2005 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (Australian Edition)
2008 Invaders Must Die (HOSPCDS01-CDR)
2009 Omen (Promo CDR)
2009 Omen (Soyuz Music)
2009 O (German CDS)
2009 Lost Beats EP (Bonus CD)
2009 Warriors Dance (HOSPCDS04)
2009 Warriors Dance (Promo) (HOSPCDS04-RMX)
2009 Thunder (EMI Soundtrack Edit) (Promo)
2009 Inviders Must Die (Demo)
2009 Invaders Must Die (Instrumentals, Lost Beats & Mixes)
2009 Take Me To The Hospital (Promo CD)
2009 Take Me To The Hospital (US 9-Tracks Promo Single)
2009 Invaders Must Die EP (HOSPCDS 06)


1995 Selected Mixes For The Jilted Generation
1997 The Fat Mixes
1998 Singles Remix (2CD)
2004 Always Outsiders Never Outdone (Prodigy Remixed)
2004 AONO (Mixtape by Kolano)
2005 AONO Remixes
2005 Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remixes)


2009 Remixes (Promo CD)
2009 Remixers Must Die
2009 Invaders Must Die Remixes (Promo CDM)
2009 Invaders Must Die, Thunder Remixes (Promo)
2009 The Prodigy Mixtape Vol.1 (mixed by Mr. Armtone)
2010 The Prodigy Mixtape Vol.2 (mixed by Mr. Armtone)


Unrealized live tracks

Appears on

1991 Turn Up The Bass (Volume 16)
1992 Techno Trance
1992 Super Club Groovin Vol. 11
1992 The Remix Chapter (Hardcore European Dance Music) [Avex Trax, AVCD-11070]
1994 Avex Dance Vol. 1
1994 Avex Dance Vol. 2
1994 Future Tracks (Select Magazine)
1998 Various Urbal Beats 2
2009 Ministry Of Sound Uncovered (2CD)

Appears on (Soundtracks):


Tribute, Covers:

2002 A Tribute To The Prodigy
2008 Break & Enter (Russian Tribute To The Prodigy)
2008 Pixel Bit Chipology

Unofficial Releases

The Prodigy Related:
The Art Of Noise 1991 Instruments Of Darkness
The Time Frequency 1992 EP
Dream Frequency 1992 Take Me
Jesus Jones 1993 Zeroes & Ones (Part Two Of A Two CD Set)
Front 242 1993 Religion
The Magi & Emanation 1993 Everybody Say Love
Baby D 1994 Casanova
Bug Kann And The Plastic Jam 1994 Made In Two Minutes
Method Man 1995 Release Yo Delf
Oasis 2009 Falling Down
Ian Brown 2009 Just Like You

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