Nsync Discography (1995-2005)

Genre: Pop, Teen pop, Dance | Year: 1995-2005 | Format: MP3 (tracks) | Quality:192-320 kbps | Size: 1.51 GB

Album For Recordings Labels

Demo Live& More CD [USA 1995 256 kbps]
We Can Work It Out
Tell Me I Was Dreaming
Here And Now
Give In To Me
Star Spangled Banner
Ill Be Back For More
I Thought She Knew

Studio albums

N Sync [Germany; May 26, 1997] 320 kbps
Tearin Up My Heart [Back Beat] [Kristian Lundin; Max Martin] 4:47
You Got It [Veit Renn] 3:33
Sailing [Christopher Cross] 4:36
Crazy for You [Christian Hamm] 3:42
Riddle [Pat Reiniz] 3:41
For the Girl Who Has Everything [Joylon Skinner;Veit Renn] 3:51
I Need Love [Gary Carolla] 3:14
Giddy Up [NSYNC;Veit Renn] 4:09
Here We Go [B. Aris;T. Cottural] 3:36
Best of My Life [B. Aris;Toni Cottura;V.D. Toorn] 4:46
More Than a Feeling [Tom Scholz] 342
I Want You Back [Back Beat] [Denniz Pop;Max Martin] 4:24
Together Again [Andy Reynolds;Tee Green] 3:36
Forever Young [Nemo Fahrenkrog;Peterson] 4:07

N Sync [USA;March 24, 1998] 320 kbps
Tearin Up My Heart [Max Martin/Kristian Lundin] 3:32
I Just Wanna Be with You [Full Force] 4:05
Here We Go [Aris/Cottura] 3:36
For the Girl Who Has Everything [Renn/Skinner] 3:43
[God Must Have Spent] A Little More Time on You [Sturken/Rogers]
You Got It [Veit Renn] 3:37
I Need Love [Gary Carolla] 3:17
I Want You Back [Pop/Martin] 3:23
Everything I Own [David Gates] 4:00
I Drive Myself Crazy [Rick Nowels/Allan Rich/Ellen Shipley] 4:04
Crazy for You [Hamm/Bertoni] 3:43
Sailing [Christopher Cross] 4:36

Giddy Up [NSYNC/Renn] 4:10
No Strings Attached [USA; March 21, 2000] 320 kbps
Bye Bye Bye [Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze] 3:23
Its Gonna Be Me [Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Rami Yacoub] 3:15
Space Cowboy [Yippie-Yi-Yay] [featuring Lisa Left Eye Lopes] [JC Chasez, Lopes] 4:27
Just Got Paid [Gene Griffin, Aaron Hall, Johnny Kemp, Teddy Riley] 4:14
It Makes Me Ill [Kandi Burrus, Kevin Briggs] 3:30
This I Promise You [Richard Marx] 4:48
No Strings Attached [Chasez, Bradley Daymond, Alexander Greggs] 3:52
Digital Get Down [Chasez, David Nicoll, Veit Renn] 4:26
Bringin da Noise [Chasez, Renn] 3:35
Thats When Ill Stop Loving You [Diane Warren] 4:55
Ill Be Good for You [Kevin Antunes, Reginald Calloway, Vincent Calloway, Teddy Pendergrass, Justin Timberlake] 3:59
I Thought She Knew [Robin Wiley] 3:25
Ill Never Stop [Kristian Lundin, Max Martin, Alexander Kronlund] UK & Philippine Bonus Track
If Im Not the One [Anders Wikstrom; Fredrik Thomander] UK Bonus Track

Celebrity [Special Edition] [USA; July 24, 2001] 320 kbps
Pop [BT, J. Timberlake, W. Robson] 3:59
Celebrity [J. Valentine, W. Robson, J. Timberlake] 3:18
The Game Is Over [JC Chasez, Daymond, Greggs] 3:28
Girlfriend [The Neptunes] 4:15
The Two of Us [Chasez, Bradley Daymond, Alexander Greggs] 3:52
Gone [Timberlake, Robson] 4:54
Tell Me, Tell Me…Baby [Max Martin, Rami Yacoub] 3:39
Up Against the Wall [Chasez, Daymond, Greggs] 3:37
See Right Through You [Larry Campbell, Robson, Timberlake] 2:55
Selfish [Chasez, Veit Renn, Jolyon Skinner] 4:21
Just Dont Tell Me That [Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze] 3:04
Something like You [Timberlake, Robin Wiley] 4:15
Do Your Thing [James Moss] 4:21 [Rap by James Moss]
That Girl [Will Never Be Mine] [Carlsson, Lundin, Schulze] 3:25 Philippine Bonus Track & On the Line
Falling Producers: Roy Royalty Hamilton [Chris Kirkpatrick, Bryan Popin, Gary Brown, Ira Schickman] 3:48 Philippine Bonus Track

Compilations Albums

Home For Christmas [USA; November 10, 1998] 320 kbps
Home for Christmas [Haase/Morehead] 4:28
Under My Tree [Peiken/Roche] 4:32
I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas [Rogers/Sturken] 4:45
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays [Renn/Chasez/Timberlake] 4:12
The Christmas Song [Mel Tormé/Robert Wells] 3:15
I Guess Its Christmas Time [Peiken/Bliss] 3:52
All I Want Is You This Christmas [Briley/Calitri] 3:43
The First Noel [Traditional] 3:28
In Love on Christmas [Bennett/Hailey/Hailey] 4:06
Its Christmas [Ries/Thomas] 4:29
Holy Night [Traditional, arranged by Robin Wiley] 3:33
Loves in Our Hearts on Christmas Day [Haase/Lowell/Werking] 3:54
The Only Gift [Christensen/Franzell] 3:51
Kiss Me at Midnight [Renn/Lamb] 3:28

The Winter Album [Europe; November 17, 1998] 320 kbps
U Drive Me Crazy [Radio Edit] [Aris/Cottura/Rookee/V.D.Toom/G.J.O.R. Rollocks]
God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You [Sturken/Rogers]
[Thinking of You] I Drive Myself Crazy [Nowles/Rich/Shipley]
Everything I Own [D. Gates]
I Just Want to Be With You [Family Affair] [Full Force]
Kiss Me at Midnight [Renn/Lamb]
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays [Renn/Chasez/Timberlake]
All I Want Is You This Christmas [Briley/Calitri]
Under My Tree [Peiken/Roche]
Loves in Our Hearts on Christmas Day [Haase/Lowell/Werking]
In Love on Christmas [Bennett/Hailey/Hailey]
First Noel [Traditional]

Nsync & Britney Spears Your Requests… And More! 320 kbps
Bye Bye Bye [Teddy Riley Remix]
Are You Gonna Be There
If im not the one
I Thought She Knew
Oops!…I Did It Again [Rodney Jerkins Remix]
One Kiss From You
Girl In The Mirror

Greatest Hits [October 25, 2005] 320 kbps
Bye Bye Bye 3:20
Girlfriend [The Neptunes Remix featuring Nelly] 4:45
This I Promise You [Radio Edit] 4:27
Its Gonna Be Me 3:12
God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You [Short Edit] 4:04
I Want You Back 3:20
Pop [Short Version] 2:56
Gone 4:53
Tearin Up My Heart 3:30
Thinking of You [I Drive Myself Crazy] 3:59
Ill never stop[Radio Edit] 3:08
Music of My Heart [featuring Gloria Estefan] 4:31
Girlfriend [Caveman Remix]
Gone [Kurtis Mantronik Remix]
Gone [Spanish Version]

1996 I Want You Back [October 7, 1996, Germany] [192kbps] [Denniz Pop;Max Martin]
1997 Tearin Up My Heart[June 30, 1998, Germany] [192kbps] [Kristian Lundin; Max Martin]
1997 Here We Go[ May 5, 1997, Germany] [320kbps] [B. Aris;T. Cottural]
1997 Together Again[November, 3, 1997, Germany[Europe only] [320kbps] [Andy Reynolds;Tee Green]
1997 For The Girl Who Has Everything[August 18, 1997, Germany[Europe Only] [192kbps] [Joylon Skinner;Veit Renn]
1998 U Drive Me Crazy [November 10, 1998, USA] [192kbps] [Aris/Cottura/Rookee/V.D.Toom/G.J.O.R. Rollocks]
1998 God Must Have Spent A Little More Time One You[October 27, 1998, USA] [320kbps] [Sturken/Rogers]
1998 Merry Christmas Happy Holiday[November 1998, USA] [320kbps] [Renn/Chasez/Timberlake]
1999 Thinking Of You [I Drive Myself Crazy][March 30, 1999, USA] [192kbps] [Rick Nowels/Allan Rich/Ellen Shipley]
1999 Music of my heart [November 30, 1999, USA[USA Only] [320kbps] [Diane Warren]
2000 Bye bye bye [January 11, 2000, USA] [192kbps] [Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze]
2000 Its Gonna Be Me[June 13, 2000, USA] [192kbps] [Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Rami Yacoub]
2000 This I Promise You[September 12, 2000, USA] [320kbps] [Richard Marx]
2000 Ill never stop [singl] [192kbps] [Kristian Lundin, Max Martin, Alexander Kronlund] UK & Philippine Bonus Track
2001 POP[May 15, 2001, USA] [192kbps] [BT, J. Timberlake, W. Robson]
2001 Gone[September 4, 2001, USA] [256kbps] [Timberlake, Robson]
2002 Girlfriend[February 26, 2002, USA] [192kbps] [The Neptunes]





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