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Ministry Discography (1983-2009)

Genre: Industrial Metal | Albums, Sinlges, Eps, Live | MP3 128-320 kbps | 4.19 GB

Studio Albums
1983 With Sympathy
1986 Twitch
1988 The Land Of Rape And Honey
1989 The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
1992 Psalm 69
1996 Filth Pig
1999 Dark Side Of The Spoon
2003 Animositisomina
2004 Houses of the Mole
2006 Rio Grande Blood
2007 The Last Sucker
2008 Cover Up

Singles, Promo and EP
1983 Work For Love (Maxi Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1983 I Wanted To Tell Her (Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1983 Revenge (You Did It Again) (Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1985 All Day + Everyday (Is Halloween) (Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1985 Halloween (Remix) / Nature Of Outtakes (Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1985 Over The Shoulder (Maxi Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1985 Cold Life (Single) (VBR 242kb/s)
1988 Stigmata (Maxi Single) (VBR 224 kb/s)
1989 Burning Inside (Maxi Single) (160 CBR)
1991 Jesus Built My Hotrod (Maxi Single)
1992 Just One Fix (Maxi Single)
1992 Mix It Yourself (Promo) (160 kb/s CBR)
1992 N.W.O (Single)
1995 The Fall Reload (Maxi Single)
1996 Brick Windows (Maxi Single Promo) (128 kb/s CBR)
1996 Lay Lady Lay (Single)
1999 Bad Blood (MS) (192 kb/s CBR)
2001 What About Us (Single Promo)
2003 Piss (Maxi Single Promo) (192 kb/s CBR)
2007 The Missing E.P. (EP) (224 kb/s VBR)
2008 Keys to the City (224 kb/s VBR)
2009 Al Jourgensen & Mark Thwaite Its Always Christmas Time (Single)

1987 Ministry with Ogre (visage, orlando october 7th 1987) (128 kb/s CBR)[bootleg]
1990 In Case You Didnt Feel Like Showing Up
1995 Just Another Fix (Bonus Live CD from Australian Edition )
2002 Sphinctour (1996)
2009 Adios…Puta Madres

Compilations and remix albums
1983 Work For Love
1987 Twelve Inch Singles (1981-1984)
1992 So What (Unofficial Release Album) (160 kb/s CBR)
1993 Box (3 CD Single)
2001 Greatest Fits
2003 Twitched (Unofficial Release Album) (192 kb/s CBR)
2004 Early Trax
2004 Side Trax
2005 Rantology
2007 Rio Grande Dub Ya
2009 The Last Dubber

A Tribute to Ministry Volume 1 Wish You Were Queer (1999)
A Tribute to Ministry Volume 2 Another Prick in The Wall (1999)

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