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Masters of Reality Discography (1988-2009)

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Genre: Hard Rock, Stoner Rock | Albums | MP3 320 kbps | 1.06 GB

1988 Masters of Reality
Theme for the Scientist of the Invisible 1:33
Domino 3:46
The Blue Garden 4:23
Gettin High 3:09
The Candy Song 3:29
Magical Spell 5:01
The Eyes of Texas 3:23
Sleep Walkin 3:29
Lookin to Get Rite 3:07
John Brown 3:38
Kill the King 7:36

1990 Masters of Reality (256 kbps)
The Candy Song 3:21
Doraldinas Prophecies 5:55
John Brown 3:37
Gettin High 3:09
Magical Spell 3:37
Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible 1:30
Domino 3:46
The Blue Garden 4:22
The Eyes of Texas 3:20
Lookin to Get Rite 3:06
Kill the King 7:34
Sleep Walkin 3:33

1992 Sunrise on the Sufferbus
She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On) 2:47
J.B. Witchdance (Baker, Goss) 3:37
Jody Sings 3:03
Rolling Green 3:41
Ants In The Kitchen (Baker, Goss) 3:22
V.H.V (Googe, Goss) 4:21
Bicycle 0:47
100 Years (Of Tears on the Wind) 4:06
T.U.S.A (Baker, Googe, Goss, Rey) 2:59
Tilt-A-Whirl 3:42
Rabbit One 3:33
Madonna 0:38
Gimme Water (Baker, Goss) 2:23
Moon In Your Pocket 3:31

1999 Welcome to the Western Lodge
Its Shit 2:56
Moriah 3:33
The Great Spelunker 3:10
Time To Burn (Goss, John Leamy, Dave Catching) 2:36
Take A Shot At The Clown (Goss, Leamy, Catching) 3:52
Baby Mae 3:14
Why the Fly 4:00
Ember Day 0:54
Annihilation Of The Spirit 2:32
Calling Dr. Carrion 3:22
Boymilk Waltz 2:36
Lovers Sky (Goss, John Russo) 2:55
Also Ran Song (Goss, Leamy) 2:59

2001 Deep in the Hole
Third Man On The Moon (Goss, Leamy) 5:12
A Wish For A Fish (Goss, Leamy) 3:56
Counting Horses 5:34
Major Lance 1:02
Scatagoria 4:09
High Noon Amsterdam (Goss, Leamy) 3:45
Corpus Scorpios Electrified (Goss, Leamy) 3:53
Deep In The Hole (Goss, Leamy) 4:32
Roof Of The Shed (Goss, Homme) 4:30
Shotgun Son 3:10

2004 Give Us Barabbas
The Ballad Of Jody Frosty 7:30
Voice And The Vision 3:38
I Walk Beside Your Love (Chris Goss, Chris Palmer, Brendon McNichol) 2:55
Bela Alef Rose 3:28
Brown House On The Green Road 3:35
Hey Diana (Goss, Palmer, McNichol) 3:07
Still On The Hill 1:16
The Desert Song (Goss, Ginger Baker, Daniel Rey, Googe) 3:34
Off To Tiki Ti (Goss, Palmer, McNichol) 2:31
Its So Hard (John Lennon) 2:29
Jindalee Jindalie 4:27
Dont Get Caught By The Huntsmans Bow 2:57

2009 Pine/Cross Dover
Part One: Pine
King Richard TLH (Goss, Catching) 4:20
Absinthe Jim And Me 3:03
Worm In The Silk (Goss, Leamy) 4:24
Always (Goss, Leamy) 3:24
Johnnys Dream (Goss, Leamy) 4:38
Part Two: Cross Dover
Up In It 3:44
Dreamtime Stomp 4:00
Rosies Presence 3:13
The Whore Of New Orleans (Goss, Leamy) 4:43
Testify To Love (Goss, Lavelle, Clements, Griffith, Sheppard) 4:17
Alfalfa (Goss, Leamy, Christian, McNichol) 12:08

1995 The Ballad Of Jody Frosty (3rd unreleased album) Bootleg
The Voice And The Vision 3:36
Bela Alef Rose 3:28
Dollar Bill 2:52
Baby Mae 3:22
The Ballad Of Jody Frosty 7:26
Brownhouse On The Green Road 3:39
The True Song 3:29
Swingeroo Joe 2:21
Pussy Pie 0:33
Alder Smoke Blues 5:43
Still On The Hill 1:15

1997 How High the Moon: Live at the Viper Room
How High The Moon 1:17
The Blue Garden (Goss, Harrington) 6:18
Alder Smoke Blues 6:21
Doraldinas Prophecies(Goss, Harrington) 5:16
She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On) 3:24
Jindalee Jindalie 4:32
John Brown(Goss, Harrington) 5:37
Tilt-A-Whirl/Swingeroo Joe (Goss, Googe) 4:05
Ants In The Kitchen/ Goin Down(Baker, Goss/Don Nix) 7:12
100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind) 4:51

2003 Flak n Flight
Opening (excerpt from The Ballad of Jody Frosty”) 1:19
Deep In The Hole (Goss, Leamy) 4:24
Third Man On The Moon (Goss, Leamy) 6:16
Why The Fly 10:56
Time To Burn (Goss, Leamy, Catching) 3:28
The Blue Garden (Goss, Harrington) 7:28
Rabbit One 9:10
Also Ran Song (Goss, Leamy) 3:22
John Brown (Goss, Harrington) 7:44
100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind) 6:54
High Noon Amsterdam (Goss, Leamy) 3:45
She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On) 4:40
Cretin Hop (The Ramones) 2:45

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