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Jamiroquai Discography (1993-2006)

Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1993-2006
Genre: Funk, Disco, Acid Jazz
Quality: MP3/ FLAC (Tracks,scans)
Bitrate: 192kbps/Lossless
Total Time: 08:18:07 min
Total Size: 724Mb/3.2 Gb

Emergency on Planet Earth (1993)

[03:50] When You Gonna Learn (Digeridoo)
[06:05] Too Young To Die
[04:35] Hooked Up
[04:52] If I Like It, I Do It
[06:22] Music Of The Mind
[04:05] Emergency On Planet Earth
[04:07] Whatever It Is, I Just Cant Stop
[08:32] Blow Your Mind
[10:16] Revolution 1993
[02:36] Didgin Out

The Return of the Space Cowboy (1994)
[08:49] Just Another Story
[04:16] Stillness In Time
[04:49] Half The Man
[05:54] Light Years
[06:22] Manifest Destiny
[05:09] The Kids
[05:29] Mr Moon
[07:02] Scam
[05:22] Journey To Arnhemland
[06:23] Morning Glory
[06:25] Space Cowboy

Travelling Without Moving (1996)
[05:41] Virtual Insanity
[04:03] Cosmic Girl
[04:00] Use The Force
[04:28] Everyday
[04:25] Alright
[05:58] High Times
[04:06] Drifting Along
[03:50] Didjerama
[05:49] Didjital Vibrations
[03:40] Travelling Without Moving
[03:55] You Are My Love
[04:14] Spend A Lifetime
[05:01] Do You Know Where Youre Coming From
[08:26] BonusTrack

Synkronized (1999)
[05:31] Canned Heat (Album Version)
[04:44] Planet Home
[05:41] Black Capricorn Day
[04:15] Soul Education
[03:45] Falling
[05:40] Destitute Illusions
[05:15] Supersonic
[04:28] Butterfly
[05:13] Where Do We Go From Here?
[03:44] King For A Day
[04:44] Deeper Underground

A Funk Odyssey (2001)
[05:20] Feel So Good (album Version)
[04:55] Little L (album Version)
[03:23] You Give Me Something
[05:39] Corner Of The Earth
[03:45] Love Foolosophy
[04:34] Stop Dont Panic
[04:02] Black Crow
[05:05] Main Vein (no Samples)
[05:15] Twenty Zero One
[06:15] Picture Of My Life

Different Sounds The Remixes (2002)
[03:59] You Give Me Something (Blacksmith R&B Remix)
[03:53] Alright (D&C Human Mix)
[03:56] Cosmic Girl (Classic Radio Mix)
[04:45] Do You Know Where Youre Coming From (Hands In The Air Mix)
[05:40] When You Gonna Learn (Cante Hondo Mix)
[04:57] Deeper Underground (The Ummah Mix)
[04:16] Virtual Insanity (Peace of Mind Mix)
[06:54] Canned Heat (Masters at Work Remix)
[05:45] Emergency On Planet Earth (London Rican Dub)
[04:23] If I Like It I Do It (Acoustic Version)
[03:57] Space Cowboy (Classic Radio Remix)
[03:47] High Times (Sanchez Radio Edit)
[07:34] Black Capricorn Day (White Nights Remix)
[07:47] Light Years (True Power Mix)
[06:55] Supersonic (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Ace Klub Mix)

Dynamite (2005)
[03:42] Feels Just Like It Should
[04:57] Dynamite
[03:59] Seven Days In Sunny June
[03:57] Electric Mistress
[05:13] Starchild
[03:35] Love Blind
[06:04] Talulah
[05:02] (Dont) Give Hate A Chance
[03:14] World That He Wants
[04:45] Black Devil Car
[04:40] Hot Tequila Brown
[05:01] Time Wont Wait

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 (2006)
[03:49] When You Gonna Learn
[03:23] Too Young To Die
[03:56] Blow Your Mind
[03:37] Emergency On Planet Earth
[03:38] Space Cowboy
[03:49] Virtual Insanity
[03:47] Cosmic Girl
[03:42] Alright
[04:10] High Times
[04:46] Deeper Underground
[03:48] Canned Heat
[03:59] Little L
[03:47] Love Foolosophy
[03:56] Corner Of The Earth
[04:33] Feels Just Like It Should
[04:02] Seven Days In Sunny June
[03:51] (Dont) Give Hate A Chance
[03:46] Runaway
[04:12] Radio

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