Frank Zappa -Finer Moments (2012)

Disc 1/2

1 Intro
2 Sleazette
3 Mozart Piano Sonata In Bb
4 The Walking Zombie Music
5 The Old Curiosity Shoppe
6 You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
7 Uncle Rhebus

Disc 2/2

1 Music From The Big Squeeze
2 Enigmas 1 Thru 5
3 Pumped And Waxed
4 There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die
5 Squeeze It, Squeeze It, Squeeze It
6 The Subcutaneous Peril

Release Name: Frank_Zappa-Finer_Moments-WEB-2012-FRAY
Size: 191 MB
Artist: Frank Zappa
Album: Finer Moments
Genre: Rock
Runtime: 40:51 mins

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