Cliff Richard Discography (1959-2010)

Genre: Pop, Rock | Year: 1959-2010 | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320 kbps | Size: 12.65 GB

Studio Albums Remastered & Non-Remastered

1959 Cliff [& The Drifters] [rem. 1998, stereo]
Apron Strings
My Babe
Down The Line
I Got a Feeling
Jet Black [The Drifters]
Baby I Dont Care
Move It
Ready Teddy
Too Much
Dont Bug Me Baby
Driftin [The Drifters]
Thatll Be The Day
Be-Bop-A-Lula [The Drifters]
Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

1959 Cliff Sings [& The Shadows] [rem. 1998, stereo]
Blue Suede Shoes
The snake and the bookworm
I gotta know
Here comes summer
Ill String Along With You
Embraceable You
As Time Goes By
The Touch of Your Lips
Twenty Flight Rock
Pointed Toe Shoes
Mean Woman Blues
Im Walkin
I Dont Know Why
Little Things Mean a Lot
Somewhere Along the Way
Thats My Desire

1960 Me and My Shadows [& The Shadows] [rem. 1998, stereo]
Im Gonna Get You
You and I
I Cannot Find A True Love
Evergreen Tree
Shes Gone
Left Out Again
Youre Just The One To Do It
Lamp Of love
Choppin and Changin
We Have It Made
Tell Me
Gee Whizz Its You
I Love You So
Im Willing To Learn
I Dont Know
Working After School

1961 Listen to Cliff [& The Shadows] [rem. 1998, mono]
Whatd I say
Blue Moon
True Love Will Come To You
Unchained Melody
Idle Gossip
First Lesson In Love
Almost Like Being In Love
Beat Out That Rhythm On The Drum
Memories Linger On
I Live For You
Sentimental Journey
I Want You To Know
We Kiss In A Shadow
Its You

1961 21 Today [& The Shadows] [rem. 1998, mono]
Happy birthday to you
Forty days to come back home
Catch me
How Wonderful To Know
Tough enough
50 tears for every kiss
The night is so lonely
Poor boy
Tea for two
To prove my love for you
Without You
A mighty lonely man
My Blue Heaven
Shame on you

1961 The Young Ones [& The Shadows] [rem. 2005]
Friday Night [ABC Orchestra]
Got a Funny Feeling
Peace Pipe [The Shadows]
Nothings Impossible [& Grazina Frame]
The Young Ones
All for One
Lessons in Love
No-One for Me But Nicky [Grazina Frame]
What DYou Know / Weve Got a Show / Vaudeville Routine
Have a Smile For Everyone You Meet
Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle (Evergreen)
Algy The Piccadilly Johnny
Capitan Ginjah
Where Did You Get That Hat
What DYou Know, Weve Got a Show
Living Doll
When the Girl in Your Arms
Mambo / Just Dance & Mood Mambo [ABC Orchestra]
The Savage [The Shadows]
We Say Yeah

bonus tracks
(Its) Wonderful To Be Young [alternate version](2
The Young Ones [undubbed version]
Got a Funny Feeling [alternate version]

1962 32 Minutes & 17 Seconds [& The Shadows] [rem. 1998, stereo]
Itll Be Me
So Ive Been Told
How Long Is Forever
Im Walkin The Blues
Turn Around
Blueberry Hill
Lets Make A Memory
When My Dreamboat Comes Home
Im On My Way
Spanish Harlem
You Dont Know
Falling In Love With Love
Who Are We To Say
I Wake Up Cryin

1963 Summer Holiday [Special Edition] [& The Shadows] [rem. 2003]
Seven Days to a Holiday
Summer Holiday
Let Us Take You For a Ride
Les Girls [The Shadows]
Round and Round [The Shadows]
Fool Tapper [The Shadows]
Stranger in Town
Orlandos Mime [ABC Orchestra]
Bachelor Boy
A Swingin Affair
Really Waltzing
All at Once
Dancing Shoes
Yugoslav Wedding [ABC Orchestra]
The Next Time
Big News
Summer Holiday Advertising EP Part 1
The Next Time[previously unreleased rehearsal take](3
Bachelor Boy[previously unreleased alternate take](2
Les Girls [The Shadows][previously unreleased film version](2
Summer Holiday Advertising EP Part 2
Brass Band Openng-Summer Holiday[previously unreleased film version](1
Bachelor Boy [film version]
The Next Time[previously unreleased film version](2
Big News[previously unreleased film version](1
Summer Holiday [film version]

1963 When in Spain [& The Shadows] [rem. 2002]
Amor Amor Amor
Solamente una Vez (You Belong to My Heart)
Vaya con Dios
Me lo Dijo Adela (Sweet and Gentle)
Maria No Mas
Tus Besos (Kiss)
Quizas Quizas Quizas (Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps)
Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is the Moonlight)
Cancion de Orfeo (Carnival)
Quien Sera (Sway)

1964 Wonderful Life [& The Shadows] [rem. 2005]
Wonderful Life
A Girl In Every Port
Walkin [The Shadows]
A Little Imagination
On The Beach
In The Stars
We Love A Movie
Do You Remember
Whatve I Gotta Do
Theme For Young Lovers [The Shadows]
All Kinds Of People
A Matter Of Moments
Youth And Experience

bonus tracks
Look Dont Touch
Do You Remember (alternate version)
Wonderful Life (alternate version)
Angel (non-album import a-side)

1964 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp [& The Shadows]
Emperor Theme & Chinese Street Scene [Norrie Paramor Orchestra]
Me Oh My [The Shadows]
I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
Little Princess [The Shadows]
This Was My Special Day
Im in Love with You
Theres Gotta Be a Way
Ballet: Rubies / Emeralds / Sapphires / Diamonds [Norrie Paramor Orchestra]
Dance of the Warriors [Norrie Paramor Orchestra]
Dragon Dance [Norrie Paramor Orchestra]
Genie With the Light Brown Lamp [The Shadows]
Make Evry Day a Carnival Day
Widow Twankeys Song [Michael Sammes]
Im Feeling Oh So Lovely [Faye Fisher]
Ive Said Too Many Things
Evening Comes
Having Fun

1965 Cliff Richard [rem. 2002]
I Only Came to Say Goodbye
Take Special Care
Magic Is the Moonlight
House Without Windows
Razzle Dazzle
I Dont Wanna Love You
Its Not For Me to Say
You Belong to My Heart
Reelin and Rockin

1965 When in Rome
1965 Love is Forever [rem. 2002]
1966 Kinda Latin [rem. 2002]
1966 Finders Keepers [& The Shadows] [rem. 2005]
1967 Cinderella [& The Shadows]
1967 Dont Stop Me Now [rem. 2002]
1967 Good News [rem. 2002]
1968 Two a Penny
1968 Established 1958 [& The Shadows] [rem. 2007]
1969 Sincerely [rem. 2004]
1970 About That Man
1970 His Land
1970 Tracks n Grooves [rem. 2004]
1973 Take Me High
1973 Take Me High [rem. 2005]
1974 The 31st of February Street [rem. 2004]
1976 Im Nearly Famous [rem. 2001]
1977 Every Face Tells a Story
1977 Every Face Tells a Story [rem. 2002]
1978 Small Corners
1978 Small Corners [rem. 2007]
1978 Green Light [rem. 2002]
1979 RocknRoll Juvenile [rem. 2001]
1980 Im No Hero
1980 Im No Hero [rem. 2001]
1981 Wired for Sound
1981 Wired for Sound [rem. 2001]
1982 Now You See Me, Now You Dont
1982 Now You See Me, Now You Dont [rem. 2002]
1983 Silver [rem. 2002]
1984 The Rock Connection [rem. 2004]
1987 Always Guaranteed
1987 Always Guaranteed [rem. 2004]
1989 Stronger
1989 Stronger [rem. 2004]
1991 Together with Cliff Richard
1993 The Album
1995 Songs from Heathcliff [& Olivia Newton-John]
1998 Real as I Wanna Be
2001 Wanted
2003 Cliff at Christmas
2004 Somethings Goin On
2006 Twos Company: The Duets
2007 Love… The Album
2009 Reunited0th Anniversary Album + EP) [& The Shadows]
2010 Bold as Brass [2CD Limited Edition]

Live Albums Remastered & Non-Remastered
1968 Cliff in Japan
1968 Cliff in Japan [rem. 2007]
1970 Live at The Talk of the Town [rem. 2007]
1974 Help it Along
1974 Help it Along [rem. 2007]
1979 Thank You Very Much [& The Shadows] [rem. 2004]
1983 Dressed for the Occasion [rem. 2004]
1990 From a Distance: The Event
1995 Live & Guaranteed 1988!
1996 Heathcliff Live (The Show) [& Original Cast] [2CD]
2002 Live at the ABC Kingston 1962 [& The Shadows]
2004 World Tour 2002-2003
2008 Live in Japan 1972

Singles & EPs
1967 Carol Singers [EP]
1992 I Still Believe in You [UK CDM 1]
1992 I Still Believe in You [UK CDM 2]
1993 Peace in Our Time [UK CDM 1]
1993 Peace in Our Time [UK CDM 2]
1993 Human Work of Art [UK CDS 1]
1995 Had to Be [& Olivia Newton-John] [UK CDM 2]
2001 Somewhere Over The Rainbow [UK CDS 1]
2001 Somewhere Over The Rainbow [UK CDS 2]
2003 Santas List [UK CDS 1]
2004 I Cannot Give You My Love [& Barry Gibb] [UK CDS]
2004 Somethings Goin On [UK CDS]

1969 The Best of Cliff
1972 The Best of Cliff Vol. 2
1988 Private Collection
1997 On The Continent [4CD]
1998 The Rock n Roll Years 1958-1963 [4CD]
1998 Yesterday Today Forever [2CD]
2003 My Songs
2003 Sings the Standards
2008 Faith & Inspiration
2008 Lost & Found (From The Archives)
2008 Rare B-sides 1963-1989
2008 Rare EP Tracks 1961-1991
2008 Stage & Screen
2008 The Early Years
2008 The Hits Number Ones Around The World
2008 The 50th Anniversary Album [2CD]

All That Matters
Find A Little Faith (with Olivia Newton-John)
Only You (with Sarah Brightman)

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