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A-ha – Star Mark Greatest Hits (2008)

A-ha – Star Mark Greatest Hits CD1
01. Don’t Do Me Any Favours
02. Summer Moved On
03. Celice
04. Lifelines
05. Minor Earth Major Sky
06. Analogue
07. Velvet
08. You Wanted More
09. The Sun Never Shone That Day
10. Forever Not Yours
11. Cosy Prisons
12. Thought That It Was You
13. Crying in the Rain
14. Hanting High and Low
15. Early Morning
16. Take on Me
17. The Blood That Moves the Body
18. Cry Wolf
19. The Sun Always Shin

A-ha – Star Mark Greatest Hits CD2
01. Little Black Heart
02. Touchy!
03. Manhattan Skyline
04. Birthright
05. Move to Memphis
06. Train of Thought
07. Holy Ground
08. The Living Daylights
09. I’ve Been Losing You
10. I Call Your Name
11. Lie Down in Darkness
12. Scoundrel Days
13. Stay on These Roads
14. Dark Is the Night for All
15. Less Than Pure
16. I Won’t Forget Her
17. Did Anyone Approach You
18. A Fine Blue Line
19. White Canvas

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