A ha Discography (1985-2011)

Genre: New Wave, Alternative rock, New Romantic, Synthpop, Pop

Aha 1985 45 RPM Club (Single)
Aha 1985 Hunting High And Low (Japan)
Aha 1986 Scoundrel Days
Aha 1986 Twelve Inch Club (Japan) (Single)
Aha 1987 Scoundrel Club (Single)
Aha 1988 Road Club (Single)
Aha 1988 Stay On These Roads

Aha 1988 Stay on These Roads (Single)
Aha 1990 Crying in the Rain (Single)
Aha 1990 Early Morning (Single)
Aha 1990 East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
Aha 1990 I Call Your Name (Single)
Aha 1991 Headlines And Deadlines (Compilation)
Aha 1993 Dark Is The Night (CD1) (Single)
Aha 1993 Dark Is The Night (CD2) (Single)
Aha 1993 Memorial Beach
Aha 1994 Shapes That Go Together (Single)
Aha 2000 Minor EARTH MAJOR Sky
Aha 2000 Minor Earth, Major Sky (Single)
Aha 2000 Summer Moved On (Single)
Aha 2000 Velvet (Single)
Aha 2001 Homecoming Live At Vallhall
Aha 2001 The Sun Never Shone That Day (Single)
Aha 2002 Did Anyone Approach You (Single)
Aha 2002 Forever Not Yours (Single)
Aha 2002 Lifelines (Bonus Edition) (Single)
Aha 2002 Lifelines (for Russia)
Aha 2002 Lifelines (Remixes)
Aha 2002 Lifelines (Single)
Aha 2003 How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head (Live) (CD1)
Aha 2003 How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head (Live) (CD2)
Aha 2004 The Singles 1984 2004
Aha 2004 The Definitive Singles Collection 19842004
Aha 2004 The Swing Of Things The Demo Tapes
Aha 2005 Analogue (All I Want) (Single)
Aha 2005 Analogue (Japan)
Aha 2005 Celice (Single)
Aha 2006 Cosy Prisons (Single)
Aha 2007 Greatest Hits (Compilation) (CD1)
Aha 2007 Greatest Hits (Compilation) (CD2)
Aha 2009 Foot Of The Mountain
Aha 2009 Foot Of The Mountain (Single)
Aha 2010 Ending On A High Note The Final Concert


1985 45 RPM Club
1986 Twelve Inch Club (Japan)
1987 Scoundrel Club
1988 Road Club
1988 Stay on These Roads
1988 The Blood That Moves The Body (3 inch CD Single)
1988 Touchy!
1988 You Are The One (Remix) (3 inch CD Single)
1990 Crying in the Rain
1990 Early Morning
1990 I Call Your Name
1991 Move To Memphis
1992 The Blood That Moves The Body CD5
1993 Angel (France Limited Edition CDM)
1993 Angel CD II
1993 Dark Is The Night (2CD)
1994 Shapes That Go Together
2000 Minor Earth Major Sky (12”EP)
2000 Minor Earth, Major Sky
2000 Summer Moved On
2000 Velvet
2001 The Sun Never Shone That Day
2002 Did Anyone Approach You
2002 Forever Not Yours
2002 Lifelines (Bonus Edition)
2002 Lifelines (Remixes)
2002 Lifelines (Single)
2002 Lifelines CD5
2003 The Sun Always Shines On TV (Live) CD5
2005 Analogue (All I Want)
2005 Analogue (All I Want) CD5
2005 Celice
2006 Cosy Prisons
2009 Foot Of The Mountain(EU CDM)
2009 Foot Of The Mountain(single)
2009 Nothing Is Keeping You Here
2009 Shadowside
2010 Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) CD5
2010 Hunting High and Low [Japanese Deluxe Edition] (2CD)
2010 Scoundrel Days [Japanese Deluxe Edition] (2CD)
Stay on These Roads [Japanese Edition]
East of the Sun, West of the Moon [Japanese Edition]
Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of Aha [Japanese Edition]
Memorial Beach [Japanese Edition]
Minor Earth | Major Sky [Japanese Edition]
Lifelines [Japanese Edition]
The Singles 19842004 [Japanese Edition]
Analogue [Japanese Edition]
Foot of the Mountain [Japanese Edition] (2CD)
25 (Compilation) [Japanese Edition] (2CD)
Homecoming: Live at Vallhall (Live)
How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head (Live) (2CD)
The Demo Tapes
Ending on a High Note (The Final Concert) [Deluxe Edition] (Live) (2CD)



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